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A traffic school in Uniondale, NY, that you can count on

An Affordable Traffic School in Uniondale, NY

Choose the traffic school in Uniondale, NY, that puts your safety first and is focused on your success. We recognize that not everyone learns the same way, so we'll take the time to develop an individual strategy that works for you. A lot of our business comes from referrals, and we encourage you to contact us today and find out how we've made so many prospective drivers very satisfied customers.

Our Prices

Service: Price:
Single Lesson $45.00
5-Hour Class $50.00
Road Test (Car Only) $80.00
Road Test Including 1 Lesson $110.00
3 Lessons $126.00
6 Lessons $252.00
8 Lessons $336.00
10 Lessons $420.00
5 Lessons, 5-Hour Class, Car for Road Test $325.00
7 Lessons, 5-Hour Class, Car for Road Test $407.00
10 Lessons, 5-Hour Class, Car for Road Test $530.00

The Right Traffic School for Students of Any Age

Getting a driver’s license is a huge step forward in freedom and independence for any person. At Annette’s Driving School, Inc., we give new and old drivers the tools they need to take control of their experience on the road.

Whether you’re a teenager looking to take the next big step in your life or an older adult who needs empathetic and effective education to take on the challenge of the driving test, our team is here to help. We offer traffic school options that range from a single session to extensive, multi-day prep courses.

A Great Choice for Inexperienced Drivers

Nothing teaches as well as time, and we work to make sure all of the time you spend with us is as instructive as possible. Our instructors get to know your needs, level of experience, and degree of comfort behind the wheel so that they can nurture safe driving habits and give you confidence in your skills.

Because we’ve taught young and old drivers, we have the experience and temperament to help with any driving situation, including seeking a license after:

Limited Driving Exposure

Major Career Change

Past Trouble Passing the Test

Moving to a New State

Our Defensive Driving Course Prioritizes Road Safety

With the great liberty that driving brings comes an equally great need for responsibility. The key to passing any driving test is demonstrating that you drive safely. With our defensive driving course, you learn how to anticipate potential problems on the road and react is a way that’s safe for yourself and other drivers. 

We prepare you for as much as we can before you get behind the wheel on your own. From the driving test to your future on the road, our goal is to instill practical, proven driver’s training lessons that make all the difference in your ability to navigate the challenges you face while driving.

Contact us today to get all the help you need to take charge of your driving future. We proudly serve Uniondale, Hempstead, Roosevelt, Baldwin, and Garden City, New York, and the surrounding areas.