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Learn the rules of the road in Uniondale, NY

A Defensive Driving School in Uniondale, NY, That You'll Love

Get the freedom you deserve from Annette's Driving School, which is a top-quality defensive driving school in Uniondale, New York. Brought to you from the same company that operates Kermit's Driving School, we offer over 15 years of experience in helping drivers young and old prepare for the privilege of driving. Invest in your future by giving us a call and enrolling in our classes today.

Lessons that Work

Each 45-minute driving lesson will teach you how to operate a vehicle, including all of the tips and tricks experienced drivers use to get to where they're going safely and efficiently. Everyone learns at a different rate, so the number of lessons might vary from student to student. The skills we will cover during our lessons include:

• Learning to Drive
• Car Steering Operations
• Rules Of The Road
• Observation

• Judgment
• Coordination of Turning (Right, Left, Three-Point)
• Parallel Parking
• Broken U-Turns

High-Quality Driver's Education Courses

The state of New York requires that drivers must be 16 years of age and pass a 5-hour education course in order to receive their license. Our 5-hour course covers all of the important subjects prospective drivers need in order to be successful, such as:

• Safety • Courtesy • Defensive Driving • Drugs and Alcohol

A terrific defensive driving school in Uniondale, NY