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About Our Driving Instructor in Uniondale, NY

Since 1999, our owner has helped students of all ages learn how to drive. She is college-educated with degrees in English language arts and Education.

We've gotten a lot of positive feedback over the years, including a card that said, "I came for driving lessons, but you gave me so much more." We started with Kermit's Driving School, and now we're meeting rising demand for our popular services with the opening of Annette's Driving School in Uniondale, New York.

Freedom and Independence

While getting your driver's license is often a rite of passage for teenagers, we also recognize that being able to legally drive often means freedom and independence for many people. Especially with our older clients, learning how to drive can help them become self-reliant if a partner has left or if a change in career or home requires it.

We're the empathetic partners you need to receive your license and gain all of the freedom and independence it will grant you. Contact us today to find out more about our great driving instructor in Uniondale, NY.

Our driving safety course in Uniondale, NY, will prepare you for the road